Three ‘friends’ reunite for one final short story collection.

‘In his work fornication, adultery, yea even murder itself (not to mention self-deception, treason, blasphemy, whoredom, duplicity, and willful cruelty to others) are not only represented for our delectation but at times approved of and even recommended! On aesthetic grounds, too (though they pale before the moral), the work is objectionable; the rhetoric is extreme, the conceit and action wildly implausible, the interpretation of history shallow and patently biased, the narrative full of discrepancies and badly paced, at times tedious, more often excessive; the form, like the style, is unorthodox, unsymmetrical, inconsistent.’
—David Myrcott on Craig Tuck

‘Interesting reading. He is surprisingly literate.’
—Craig Tuck on Aden Simpson

‘What I understood, I liked.
What I didn’t understand…
Well, he certainly knows a lot of big words.’
—Aden Simpson on David Myrcott