I’m Aden Simpson.

You might remember me from such cultural institutions as:

Primary School!

High School!

University School!

Local Bar Establishment!

Place of Employment!

Social Sports Team!

This is my website. It is a showcase of my fiction writing and reflects a creative itch that I simply must scratch (and maybe go see a doctor about). I hope to build on my current work and improve my writing with every new story I create. If you’d like to pop in every now and then to witness my journey, well that’d be mighty kind of you!

Feedback helps writers get better!

Still not convinced? Read these reviews!

These reviews are made up.

“ABSOLUTE DRIVEL. That’s what everything else feels like compared to this breakout new voice.”

– Shakespeare

Shakespeare died over a thousand years ago. There’s no way he wrote that.

“Makes Picasso look like Picasso.”

– Barack Obama

Thanks, Obama

“He writes real good. I wish I had his talent.”

– Stephen King

I thought 11/22/63 was a great love story

“He controls the narrative with such nuance—and his characters offer remarkable introspection into the human condition. I don’t even save the princess anymore, because I realise this is her journey and she must conquer it alone. Wahoo!”

– Mario, Super Mario

Murder is wrong!